Beer Basics

On your journey to become a Hopsonomist, it is important to understand the basics.

The world of craft beer can be a very confusing place. That’s why Hopsonomy created an easy to use online craft beer training program. We know that the amount of information out there about craft beer can seem daunting. Relax. Take a deep breath. Maybe have a sip of beer. Just by being here you’re already on your way to becoming a Hopsonomist. Let’s get started with the craft beer basics.

Beer Language

Understanding the language of craft beer is a necessary first step in your road to Hopsonomist. How can we expect to talk to other people about Beer 101 if we’re not communicating in the same language? In this course, you will learn about the different types and elements of beer a well as how to describe the beer that is in front of you.

Our goal is to help you talk about craft beer with confidence. In our Beer Language course, we teach you the basics to help you get started.

Beer Ingredients

Part of the brewing puzzle comes down to the ingredients. Becoming a Hopsonomist means understanding how different ingredients impact the final product. Brewing craft beer is like a baking recipe. It’s all about blending the right combination to the perfect beer. Like all the courses in Beer Basics, we’ll teach you key terms, phrases, and language to help build your confidence and skill set.


In our Brewing Basics course, we’ll show you each step of how beer goes from grain to glass. Brewing craft beer is an art. If you dream of becoming a brewer yourself, Brewing Basics is a great place to start your brewing journey. However, much like other art forms, you don’t have to be a painter in order to appreciate a memorable painting. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a brewer, learning the basics of the brewing process will help you understand how certain beers are the same and how they’re different. Better yet, you’ll feel capable to talk about those similarities and differences to others.

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