Hopsonomy is an online craft beer training platform focused on building craft beer salesmanship skills. It’s perfect for everyone from individuals to enterprise, with content for anyone who sells beer at restaurants, breweries, bars, liquor stores, hotels, grocery stores, and distributors. We offer flexibility like monthly and annual subscriptions with discounts for groups as well as custom course development.

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Our Team

Matt Nelson, Founder & CEO

Matt Nelson is the founder and CEO of Hopsonomy, which is breaking ground as the first online craft beer training platform created especially for teams. With continuously updated content and an approachable learning experience, Hopsonomy helps anyone who sells craft beer build confidence talking about beer with their customers.

Matt is also the founder and CEO of Modern Training and Development, Inc., a company creating premium learning content and custom training programs for restaurants, retail, breweries, logistics, and more. Matt’s first craft beer was an Anchor Steam at a bowling alley in Omaha during a ska concert. The next most important beer was a Leffe Blond at a Belgian bar in West Africa, with new depths of complex yeast flavors. The third was an Odell 90 Shilling his first night after moving to Colorado. He’s learned to love all styles, but home base is a single hop pale ale.

Modern Training, Design + Strategy

Hopsonomy is part of Modern Training, a company that helps businesses build better learning experiences for their teams. 

Our talented designers, writers, and strategists work together to continue evolving Hopsonomy into the leading online training program for craft beer sales skills.