(Frequently Asked Questions)

A Hopsonomist is a master of craft beer salesmanship. Hopsonomists are educated in beer basics, beer styles, and sales skills. They speak intelligently and confidently, using the skills they’ve learned to help others have a better craft beer experience. Once you pass the online Hopsonomist Certificate Exam, you have officially become a Hopsonomist.

Beer is fun, and now learning about beer is fun, too. Hopsonomy is online and ready for mobile devices. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to know more about craft beer and how to sell it, and the monthly pricing makes it super affordable for teams. You can also track individual progress for teams of any size organization.

Most importantly, Hopsonomy is focused on salesmanship, so it’s perfect for anyone who sells craft beer and wants to build not just craft beer knowledge but skills for guiding customers to the perfect beer.

A subscription gives you access to all existing course content and new content as soon as it’s released. The price is $9.99/mo for individuals and $4.99/mo per person for teams of 2 or more. For Enterprise pricing, please contact us at [email protected].

Purchase a license to take the online Hopsonomist Certificate Exam for $49 (individuals) or $39 (teams).

By enrolling in a monthly or annual subscription you can learn about beer at your own pace and have access to future courses.

If you’re enrolling a team, a subscription for each team member is an affordable way to train new team members and sharpen sales skills for your current team. Best of all, it reduces turnover costs because you can reassign subscription licenses when team members leave. Plus, the subscription gives your team access to new content when it’s released.

Signing up is simple! If you’re an individual user, simply choose a subscription or certificate exam (or both!) and add it to your cart.

You can sign up teams online by selecting multiple seats during checkout. For enterprise teams or a managed set-up, please contact as at [email protected].

You bet! When you sign up for a Team License, you become a Group Leader and can view reports by user or course. You can also add and remove users, add more seats, and assign additional Group Leaders.

With Teams or Enterprise accounts, you can organize everyone into different locations, called Groups. Each location can have Group Leaders that can add and remove team members or view their progress at just their location.

You can use their subscription “seat” for a new team member. 

Hopsonomist Certificate Exam Licenses are purchased once and aren’t transferable.

Enterprise accounts are for companies with multiple locations that don’t want to sign up and pay through the website. 

These accounts may be eligible for extended free trials in a market test. They qualify for discounted pricing below $4.99/month per team member. Enterprise accounts are invoiced and have options for payment types.

Hopsonomy can provide setup and ongoing support.

We build custom courses – great for breweries that want to train new team members on their core line-up. Interested? Message us at [email protected].

The beers included in each course are selected for Hopsonomists to compare what makes each beer similar and unique to others in the same style. Even if these aren’t beers you sell at your establishment, the purpose of the course is to teach Hopsonomists how to talk about beer by learning about many individual beers. Besides, beer line-ups change all the time. Great salesmanship is less about memorizing specific beers and more about describing flavors.

The craft beer industry is constantly changing, so we’re constantly creating new courses and updating content to help educate Hopsonomists on what’s brewing now. Keep an eye out for new content regularly.

We’ll send you a cool email when new courses are released.

We’ve explored developing an app for Hopsonomy, and we’ll continue to move forward once there’s more demand for an app. Let us know what you think!

Yes, you can cancel anytime online. But we hope you stay! Beer is always changing, and our content will change with it.

Select your name at the top of the screen, choose Account, then Billing Information. You’ll see a link on the left sidebar for “Subscriptions” Follow that link, then press the Cancel button in your subscription summary.

If you have open seats available, follow these steps to add team members to Hopsonomy:

First, login at hopsonomy.com. Select the dropdown menu for the Dashboard at the top, then choose Team. 


Scroll down to see Enrolled Users. You’ll see the number of seats you have remaining on your team and list of all current team members. You can add team members by selecting the Users dropdown menu and choosing either “Add one” or “Add multiple” users. 


You only need a first name, last name, and email address to add users. They’ll get an email invitation and can get started on our 20+ courses right away!

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. Cheers!

Teams and Enterprise customers can be invoiced and pay with check, ACH, or Venmo. 

If you have seats remaining, Group Leaders can add individual or multiple users on the Team Management page.

If you’re out of seats, contact us at [email protected] and tell us how many more licenses you need for your group. We’ll adjust your subscription amount and add the seats. 

If you want to reduce the number of seats you’re using and paying for with your Teams subscription, email [email protected] and tell us how many licenses you want to remove from your group. We’ll adjust your subscription amount and remove the seats. 

You can view our privacy and security terms here