Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing varies. You have options to purchase:

  • Single Courses
  • Hopsonomist Certificate
  • All-Access Subscription

The subscription gives you access to all existing content and new content as soon as it’s released. The price is $9.99/mo for individuals and $4.99/mo per person for teams of 2 or more. For Enterprise pricing, please contact us at

Visit our All-Access Subscription, Certificate, or Course Catalog pages for more details.

Hopsonomy is online and ready for mobile devices. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to know more about craft beer, and the monthly pricing makes it super affordable for teams. You can also track individual progress for teams of any size organization.

We also build custom courses – great for breweries that want to train new team members on their core line-up. Interested? Message us at

The beers included in each course are selected for Hopsonomists to compare what makes each beer similar and unique to others in the same style category. Even if these aren’t beers you sell at your establishment, the purpose of the course is to teach Hopsonomists how to talk about beer by learning about many individual beers. Besides, line-ups change all the time. Great salesmanship is less about memorizing specific beers and more about describing flavors.

A Hopsonomist is a master of craft beer salesmanship. Hopsonomists are educated in beer basics, beer styles, and sales skills. They speak intelligently and confidently, using the skills they’ve learned to help others have a better craft beer experience.Once you’ve completed all of the courses in our certificate track, you have officially become a Hopsonomist.

The craft beer industry is constantly changing, so we’re constantly creating new courses to help educate Hopsonomists on what’s brewing now.

By enrolling in a monthly or annual subscription you’ll have access to future courses. If you’re enrolling a large team, a subscription membership for each team member is a lower cost than a certificate and each account can be reset when a team member leaves.

If you enrolled an employee for the Hopsonomist certificate then you would have to pay for a new certificate. If an employee is enrolled in a subscription plan and an employee leaves, you can use their seat for a new team member.

Try out 5 of our popular courses for 1 week, absolutely free. After that, you’ll auto-renew into a subscription to all courses for $9.99/month. You can cancel at anytime (but you’ll miss out on all our cool upcoming content).

We’ll send you a message when new courses are released.

Signing up is simple! If you’re an individual user, simply choose a course, certificate, or subscription, and add it to your cart. You can also sign up teams by selecting multiple seats during checkout. For enterprise teams or a managed set-up, please contact as at

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