Beer Basics

Start at the beginning, with an introduction to the ingredients in beer, a quick overview of the brewing process, and some of the vocabulary everyone who sells beer should know.

Beer Styles

We have a unique approach to learning about beer styles. The first thing you’ll notice is that we pair styles so you can see how they compare. Some are classic duos, like Porters and Stouts, and some are are less intuitive but help bridge what makes two styles similar and what makes them different. Knowing how styles relate to each other helps you make better recommendations to customers. Second, we show a selection of beers that help show the range of flavors that you might see in each style. Just as if you tasted seven different Hazy IPAs, you’ll get a chance to learn about beer styles by learning about individual interpretations of that style. We share the brewer’s description and add our own tasting notes, plus a Mood Pairing that helps you learn how to align beer with an experience.

Beer Sales Skills

We build craft beer sales skills gradually, starting with guided instruction on how to taste and describe beer. From there, we share some techniques for starting conversations about beer with customers, then use all those skills to pair customers with a beer by either using some of our unique shortcuts or the Pairchart, a series of questions to ask customers that helps you find the perfect beer.